Website Design and Development

We are also specialists in designing, developing a responsive website that accommodates all devices from Desktops, laptops, tablets and cell-phones. We make sure we design and develop an appetizing website to attract your clients. Your company identity remains outstanding. We work with you in doing the preliminary investigation, analysis, designing and implementation (finalizing and uploading/publishing your website online) of your website, be it an existing or a completely new website.

NB: We work based on our agreement with a client to give you satisfactory. We only publish a website after the client has agreed and approved it because we always respect client’s ideas and opions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are forced to host your website with us that SSM developed. You have an option to host it with any other hosts of your choice. We would appreciate if you consider us hosting your website because we pride ourselves in service excellence.

Payment Plan

We require 50% deposit of the website amount to start the work. Upon the acceptance of the website, we require the remaining balance.

NB: This may not apply based on the agreement with the client.

Website Packages

NB: Sipho S Media do have a very cheap website price (As cheap as R900) depending on the website pages and its content.


R1 500 or Less


R2 500


R3 789


R5 497


R11 868


R16 930

NB: These are once off prices then the client owns the website. A client is reliable to keep files for his/her future use. If a client loses website files, we give him/her on a certain price

Do you want to own yours (Website)...

Halla At Us

Did you know that we even do online CVs (Carriculum Vitae)... from as little as R300 .... It is tiring always caring around hard copies. It is very easy to just give out your link to your website or CV that can be viewed whether on a smart device or PC... Just like that... Then why not

Please let us know what do you want and what can best suit you also your pocket then we will start from there.

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